Arrived in Huairou, Yanqi


Huairou Jinzi Farmstay
Hongzunyu Yitiaogou, Yanqi, 101408 Huairou, China.

When you pay the cheapest price your room 24€/night, then you can’t expect too much.

Nice place to sit a sunny day.

Huairou Jinzi Farmstay
You are Welcome

A family who runs this place are friendly and they have let me eat free with their family. They laugh a lot, most likely because I eat everything what they eat, even I am not sure what I eat, but it was delicious.

I got a room at the bar with own sun deck.

Here is the rooms
Sun deck. Now we only need a sunshine.

Here is the views.

Room is a little bit smelly and you are not able to lock the door, but maybe you not need a lock in the countryside.

Art, in your sun deck

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When you come near (like me) or over 50 years, remember that age is just numbers, be brave and go on an adventure! I still looking for new adventures and purpose of the life, even though to be a Father of 4 and Grandfather of 2 children’s is already a lifelong adventure.

One thought on “Arrived in Huairou, Yanqi”

  1. Jännistystä reissuun ku ei lukkojakaa..

    Kotoisaahan tommone perheen pyörittämäs hostellis olo varmaan tavallaa on, vähä erilaista! 🙂

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