Bus to Xikeng Village

Arrived Xikeng Village, Yushan, Shangrao, Jiangxi. Take two buses and a local driver drove the end of the trip, it took me 5 hours to get Mount Sānqīng Shān and this Xikeng Village.

Hostel they tell me that is not hike season, it is still rainy season and this moment is so wet that everyone sleep 2nd or 3rd floor because the whole mountain can slide in the valley.

It is rainy season and landslide on the road and they just got the road open again when my bus arrived

They also tell that even it is a tourist mountain with very good paths. Still, I have to understand risks to hike using walking path.

I am here in Mountain House and started to plan my hike for the next morning. I hope I am lucky and the weather clears that I get to see something in a mountain than just clouds.

My room
First time this journey I see this and nice see how it works
View in the window is nice


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When you come near (like me) or over 50 years, remember that age is just numbers, be brave and go on an adventure! I still looking for new adventures and purpose of the life, even though to be a Father of 4 and Grandfather of 2 children’s is already a lifelong adventure.

One thought on “Bus to Xikeng Village”

  1. No nyt oli synkän näköstä säätä!!!!!!

    Ja toivottavasti oot yhä hengis, ku kaikkialla vaarallisessa pitää sun koko ajan seikkailla!!!! Täälä alkaa huolestua!!!!! <3 <3 <3

    No oot ainaki nukkunu nyt niin monen näköses hostellis ja huonees, kokemus sekin! 🙂

    Ja mikä vessa! 😀 :O

    Ja että tietki menee tukkoo ku tavaraa valuu rinteiltä, mutavyöryjä vaij? No tosi kiva!

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