Sanbao Ceramic Art Village

Sanbao International Ceramic Art Village.

In a rural area of Jingdezhen, 6km from the old campus of Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute. There are restaurant, hotel, gallery, museum and ceramic workshop. Awesome place that you could stay in there for visiting in a whole day.

Artists have gathered everything they normally throw away and made different art

A taxi drove me to Sanbao village, I go there even I am not sure what to look there. I met some interesting local peoples who help a guy from Switzerland who searches porcelain and big stones for an art exhibition.

Here we are in Sanbao Village

The ‘flesh and bones’ of porcelain were two components mixed in different proportions depending on the type of ware desired. The first of the ingredients is kaolin, a pure white clay formed by the decomposition of aluminium silicates, in particular, decomposed feldspar. Kaolin remains white when fired, but its low plasticity makes it difficult to pot. The clay is quarried in open mines and washed in a series of ponds where the finer particles are separated from heavier impurities. Only the upper supernatant fluid was allowed into a second and a third pond before the clay was dried and made into bricks. The word kaolin derives from the Gaoling (‘High Ridge’) hill 40 kilometres northeast of Jingdezhen where the clay was first found.

Porcelain Stones can get open mines like this
Porcelain Stones can get open mines like this
Porcelain Stones, It is a rock-like mineral with a component of quartz, sericite, Kaolin clay, feldspar and other constituents. Porcelain stone can be made into porcelain individually, it can also mix with Kaolin clay
“Porcelain Stones” from open pits at Sanbao was pulverized by water driven pestles before made into bricks and transported to the Jingdezhen potteries

After lunch, we go to see porcelain art studios and here you can rent studio space and come make your own art.

A picture with dramatic effect
Art studio

Do you ever wonder where come these Ikea tablewares? Part of them come to this Sanbao factory and we go look those next.

Finally, local lizard and the bird sits on her ass.

Ass with a bird.

Walking in the city of Jingdezhen

What to see in Jingdezhen:
Ceramic Museum - Jingdezhen Ceramic Historical Exhibition Area - Hutian Ancient Kiln Site - Porcelain Street - China Porcelain Garden and so much more.
There are lots ceramic studios, porcelain craft shop, gallery, coffee shop, Sanbao Ceramic Art Village and The Pottery Workshop. Also, there is a Saturday Creative Morning Market every week.


Jingdezhen City
What else interesting you find when you walking in the city.

These outdoor shopping areas are interesting, most likely you find it here what you are looking for, but problem is that area is so big that is not easy to find what you looking for, but if you speak Chinese, then you get help from locals.

I am not sure if this is a shop or someone’s home in the market
Here you can buy your bird and get it done ready for dinner.
Here you can buy your bird and get it done ready for dinner.
Also, you find all vegetables here
I find it a nice barber…
I think he cut my hair nice, or what you think?
Nearby I found another artist who works on the street
This is an artist own shop, pretty marvelous

Beautiful, Tianli Hotel

I am looking for in this "Porcelain street" boring International Hostel and I end up a wrong place to ask help and then woman leads me to a fantastic Tianli hotel, that's why I end up right place.
Tianli Hotel, +86 139 7985 7212

Beautiful Chinese style Hotel (Tianli) with modern rooms and price is not high.

Front there is a little park where you can sit and relax.
Night time it is nicely lighted
What a reception area! Also, one lady in there speak good English and she is very helpful

The room is big, nice and view of the garden.

A room has a view of the garden

They also sell porcelain tableware and statues.

They also sell porcelain tableware’s
They also sell porcelain tableware’s
And upstairs even more beautiful porcelain statues

Here is a link where you can see few of them.

Jingdezhen “Porcelain Capital”

Jingdezhen, it is known as the "Porcelain Capital" because it has been producing pottery for 1,700 years. The city has a well-documented history that stretches back over 2,000 years.

This is one of the reasons to come here to see this porcelain street and here are few interesting pictures what kind of porcelain you find here.

When you go inside street then you find workshops where an artist makes their own art.

Pottery Art Home-stay

Pottery Art Home-stay, Jingdezhen.

When I arrived in Jingdezhen I make a phone call to “Pottery Art Home-stay” and ask if I can come to see how they handmade porcelain and can I stay there.
She tells me that they do not have water this week and they wait to get it repaired. That reason they have cancelled all reservation, I tell that does not bother me and I like to come anyway.

This their factory where everything is handmade. Also, an artist who owns this also living the same place.

She is an artist who shows to me how to drink tea (Chinese tea ceremony).

Here are office and room where you can stay.

Now I have also their contact information if I like to start selling their porcelain.