Lake Village

I got the information that 40 minutes from Xikeng village by bus and I can get to the lake where the boat takes me to the other side of the lake to see the village.
The bus left me here and go see if I get to the boat to see the lake village
Now I have to wait for a boat driver and then I see where this take me
The lake is beautiful on this sunny morning
Once you have been in the boat for a while, you do not care if there is a village or not, since this lake is worth to see.
There it is
Some houses seem sunk in lake or lake level has risen
The lake seems to turn into a river where they are done rice fields
A village is a mixture of new and old houses
Have to wait for growing bigger, before you can eat

The village seems to continue far away and by this point, I turned back.

Then this villager invites me to drink tea and later lunch.

This house and kitchen are unique.

Grill the fishes in the top of a barrel

Many villagers come to see me and take pictures. Now they have a day when a tourist came to the village.

Time to go back and try to find a bus to Hostel.

Tianliang Scenic Area

Tianliang Scenic Area - 天梁风景区售票处 202 Provincial Rd, Yushan Xian, Shangrao Shi, Jiangxi Sheng, China

I planned to go to the lake village, but the bus leaves me a wrong place and I end up visited this park. Have to buy a ticket (65 RMB) that I can go and see what are in here, because of no English.

Tianliang Scenic Area
I got a nice map to see what are here

They have a name of places in English, but description only Chinese.

Champion Hole. I see stairs down there, maybe earlier you are able to walk there, but now it is flooded

Down there I can see old mine or is it a monkey’s hole?

Monkey Mountain and Heaven Pool
Stone eat me!
Tianliang Scenic Area
“Good luck to Babel”. Looks like a boogeyman is in a cave

The whole area is full of stones that look like they are melted many different forms and that make this park unique.

Stone Forest
Tianliang Scenic Area
This says something that is dangerous, maybe don’t fall from a small bridge that is next

Bridge and river liked those natural caves without colorful lights, there are also caves with colorful light, but I’m not sure if I like those so much.

The Cuanying Cave
Hidden Dragon Waterfall
Walking path is fantastic

Fisherman, I go to see what kind of fish he get, even path is closed, because of stones have fallen on the path.

I have even more pictures, but here is view when you come out of the park.



Mountain village 浙底

I Walk to Mountain village 浙底

I ask an odd question in Hostel, What else I can go to see than this Mountain. After I ask this two time, then I start to get answers.

A path to village start here

I get village name and direction to the dirt road that should lead to the village on the mountain. The village name is 浙底. It is 1,5 h walking there and back.

Here and so many other villages you can find places where people throw side of the road what they do not need any more
I see this creature on the road and tell to continue fast out the road before someone step on you
Here you hope that those stones do not fall when walking
I asked later in Hostel why side of the road is a tomb of the woman. She tells me it is an important person in the village. She told me that it is normal to pick your place out of the village and make a tomb if you want
I start to see more mountain views when walking higher
Look at those hanging stones.
I see many of these and I wonder if I go and look a closer. Luckily I do not do that because later find out that they are beehives and village get from those their honey
Here this farming village start.
Here village ends
Houses look that they need a little bit of repair.

First, they look unfriendly because they see a stranger, but when I swing my hand, shout “ni hao” (hello) and smile, they start to smile.
Most likely this my goofy hat makes me look weirder and they have a fun to look at me.
I show my camera and pointing views, they seem to understand that I take pictures.

Village toilet next where farming fields start
They have a nice view front of the house

Hike to Mount Sanqing

Mount Sanqing (Sānqīng Shān) is a renowned Taoist sacred mountain located 40 kilometers north of Yushan County in Jiangxi Province, China. Sanqing means the "Three Pure Ones" in Chinese as Mount Sanqing is made up of three main summits: Yujing, Yushui, and Yuhua, representing the Taoist trinity.

A temperature of 26 ° C is not bad for hiking, but this more than 90% humidity makes it difficult because when you sweat it does not evaporate from your skin and this makes you hotter.

They said that this rainy morning and not should clear up in mountain and only can see clouds. I tell her that I go anyway and I hope I have a luck.
First, you find a temple before you start the hike up so many stairs

Not so bad path as they said, just they do not want someone to hike here alone or because it is free(Cable car cost 55 RMB).
Some trees have fallen on the path and a few meters of the steps has fallen down the hill but is not too dangerous to hike.

I’m so lucky, these mountain hikes. Once again, when I choose a hike early in the morning (6 am), whether starts begins to clear and this may come a fantastic day.

I have seen many mountains in clear day, but this cloudy-foggy weather gives me more magic views

After several steps, you will reach the Wind Gate, where you continue the stairs even higher.

Wind Gate has another name means porch. It was built during the Ming dynasty. On the opposite side is a natural granite engraved “Wind Gate”. This gate is a natural gateway with cliffs beside it and owns an important position.
Li Baoshan bind his beard here that is not touch the ground when he goes to this place and that’s why a name is Binding with beard stone
Then you meet tortoise who looking at the sea
A path to a fairy forest?

This nice fog makes this walk fantastic and nobody else is here than me.

Through this gate, you enter the blessed place in San Quin Shan Mountain.
The second gate, which emphasizes the meaning of difficult to enter the gate of Taoism
Gudan well located at the “Tu” direction (middle in Daoist Eight Diagram), is this a well of immortality?
The San Qing temple
The San Qing temple

To get up in the high stone to see this what we want to see.

View of Purple Stone
Hanxing Pool. There are “Qinghui Pool” and “Jingyi Pool” next to “Hanxing Pool” with carps of five colors
Weather starting to go really windy and clouds come and go really fast
Views are still beautiful, even camera not able to see same than I see
When you see this you can’t help wonder how they able build these walking paths
Views are amazing
Views are fantastic
Monkey King Presenting Treasure, look more like “Gollum in The Lord of the Rings” story
Can you see where the path goes?
Suddenly come thick fog that can’t see anything, but that clear after waiting a few minutes
I see an old path under the walking path and have to go look where it goes
Already too many pictures this story, but here is one more

Xikeng Village

Walking in Xikeng Village.
Xikeng village
I see this as you say chicken, but it is said “Xii Kong”
A long line of the houses follow the river
This house looks like have own fortress, I think they have a nice view
They have also “Science Popularization Base”, I am not sure what they do, but they have an amazing tree
Old house and inside seems to be memorized place for some important person from the village
The hostel is an edge of the village and this is nice because of less noisy people

Bus to Xikeng Village

Arrived Xikeng Village, Yushan, Shangrao, Jiangxi. Take two buses and a local driver drove the end of the trip, it took me 5 hours to get Mount Sānqīng Shān and this Xikeng Village.

Hostel they tell me that is not hike season, it is still rainy season and this moment is so wet that everyone sleep 2nd or 3rd floor because the whole mountain can slide in the valley.

It is rainy season and landslide on the road and they just got the road open again when my bus arrived

They also tell that even it is a tourist mountain with very good paths. Still, I have to understand risks to hike using walking path.

I am here in Mountain House and started to plan my hike for the next morning. I hope I am lucky and the weather clears that I get to see something in a mountain than just clouds.

My room
First time this journey I see this and nice see how it works
View in the window is nice