Little Likeng Village

Likeng village, located in the Wuyuan county, in Jiangxi province, was once known as Liyuan during a time when China was much younger.

The historical village is located 45 kilometres northeast of Wuyuan county and was established during the late Song Dynasty at a time when reading was the prevailing activity among the villagers.

This is a reason why you want to go to this Village, to see old river village.

This Likeng village should look at like this, but when I come to visit after the flood, that has changed everything.

I called Brook Hotel in Likeng village and asked how I can get there. They say that they do not have yet electricity or Internet, but if I want to come they can send a driver from a village and that way police do not prevent access to the village.

This it has been seen in the village a day before.

This is the same sight when I came to this hotel, they have been cleaned quickly.

Brook Hotel looks nice
Brook Hotel looks nice
Many wooden bridges have fallen
This part of the town they have cleaned very fast

Here is a tourist attraction.
Former residence of Li Riucai, he was lumber merchant. His house was very beautiful with various decorations as stone carvings in the front door and wooden carvings in house windows and doors.

And this part of town is not yet ready for tourist.

Everything the river watered was drying outdoors
What you do when the river wet your dry food, you dried again in outdoor
Maybe beautiful park once, now it is full of rubbish and mud
All riverboats are on dry land and many are broken

Still, you can find nice places to take pictures.

Rice field

When you see what they do in the river, you want to leave this village quickly.
They use that river water clean everything that flood water make it dirty. They wash dishes, sheets, clothing and pans in the river. Also, they get fish from the same river for dinner (Luckily Brook hotel do not do this.).

The same river they throw all the garbage and food waste!

In distance, this village look nice

I only stayed here one day and night, then I have to go, because nothing else to do here, all tourist attraction in the countryside is closed.

Big flood in Wuyuan

Wuyuan, known as the "most beautiful countryside in China," with at least 50 old villages, is located northeast of Jiangxi Province because of this big flood, I can't see any beautiful locations.

Just last 2 days have been big flood whole Wuyuan county and I arrived just when river return normal level. They said that last time this happened 16-18 year ago.

That tree you can see a line that shows how high water raise on this street

I have an interesting conversation with a train station tourist information centre.
They: Whole Wuyuan is just flooded and all tourist places are closed and better if you not go in town or anywhere.
Me: Where I can find a taxi to the city?
They: We have just have been a big flood and nothing works!
Me: Still I go, where I get a taxi?
After that, they look at me odd way and point me a taxi.

Do you see that red arrow in a picture, that high water raised in the city

When you look first bank ATM in the city centre and that is still wet, then you know that can’t work!

This is very sad, you can see that many people lost everything their shops.
This Hostel seems to look that flood-hit harder
Quickly life turn normal and market are running middle the flood cleaning

It is time for me try to get in that little Likeng village what is in my plan.

Spring Breeze Hostel, Wuyuan

Spring Breeze Hostel, Wuyuan.

Amazing place, the room is fantastic and a bed is comfortable. They all are friendly and helpful and young lady speaks English. It is not far from train station (Taxi 10 RMB).

I stayed here one night that I can arrange my access to little Likeng village. Look at these pictures, what a place, worth to stay here if you go to Wuyuan.

Lovely breakfast next morning.


Train Beijing to Wuyuan [Jiangxi]

Long journey ahead, first I travel 80 km from north Beijing to south Beijing and that took 3 hours by car. Then I took a bullet train to the south and it is amazing that you can travel 1400 km in 6 h, 40 minutes.
Bullet Trains in Beijing South Train Station

After train pass by few farmlands and cities, then landscape change into big rivers and endless rice fields.

Rice fields
Rice fields
Doesn’t matter how countryside you are, train station are always big.

Look how many people waiting for you, they all shout and offer to drive you anywhere and you have to get through those to find a real city taxi.

I found a beautiful Hostel near a train station that had not suffered from the flood. After that I ate in this lovely place and tomorrow I see how the city looks.