Fuli Artist Town

I drove by bicycle from Hostel 5 km and then Yangshuo town 8 km highway to Fuli town to find old part of town near the Li River.
No one wants to be outside in this heat 32+

Particularly known as the artist town of the area with its typical colorful fans and scroll paintings.
I visited many different artist shops, but I liked Peng’s family Fan and Painting shop.

Peng’s family, Everyone in this family make their own way of art.

After bought scroll paintings I went over the river by ferry (10 RMB) to Dutou village and from there a beautiful country road back to the town.

Down there is ferry over the river
What a country road, not so much traffic
Sunny day 32 degrees, nice weather for a bike ride

Also, I met friendly water buffaloes.

Yangshuo Town

Yangshuo County and Town is 70 km from Guilin City and also, this town growing really fast, but still, in just 5 km out of the city center, you still see countryside life and views.
Most tourist visitors go to see the shopping street in the town, but similar shopping streets you can find every city, what is so interesting to see many of these?

I am not interested in buying any tourist stuff and I visit shortly in town to see it.
I plan to rent a bike or scooter and go driving countryside, then I see different views of Yangshuo County.

In the daytime, you can see weird vehicles.

And a cute kitten.

Then is time to get out of town to do countryside adventures.

Countryside Wada Hostel

Just 5 km out of the Yangshuo town you can see countryside life.

Near here you can find caves, waterfalls, hills, bamboo rafting and so much more where you can throw away your money all entrance fees.

Morning view from my Hostel room

When you return after a busy or quiet adventure day, then this Hostel is a nice place to rest and get your self-ready for next day.

Also, near here are opportunities to make longer trips in the countryside, and then it is less crowded or you can see just a few other travelers.