Changkong Plank Road

Changkong Plank Road is a second reason why come here.
Rush hour
View is fantastic
Here I go
A man behind me is afraid so much that he does not dare to look at me.
When I start to come back then not so many people

When you go there, you also have to go back on the same path!

I can fly
All do it crazy pictures here if you dare!



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When you come near (like me) or over 50 years, remember that age is just numbers, be brave and go on an adventure! I still looking for new adventures and purpose of the life, even though to be a Father of 4 and Grandfather of 2 children’s is already a lifelong adventure.

One thought on “Changkong Plank Road”

  1. Herran Jestas sä oot hullu!!!!!!!!!! Apua!!!!! Lopeta heti tommone pelleily!!!!!!!!!

    En kylikin ite uskaltas hillua tuolla!!!!!!!! :O :O :O

    Onneks oot hengis yhä!!!!!

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