Dujiangyan Irrigation Project and Temples

Dujiangyan Irrigation Project It was built over 2200 year ago to provide irrigation water and to control the Minjiang River. Water surging in the river from annual runoff from the Minshan mountain range destroyed property and killed people. Li Bing, a local official of Sichuan Province at that time, together with his son, decided to construct an irrigation system on the Minjiang River to prevent flooding. After its completion, the Dujiangyan system eliminated the flooding and gave the Sichuan area in the Kingdom of Qin abundant harvests. The area around Chengdu became one of the breadbaskets of China.

When we got back from mountain 9th August, we went to see sights (Yulei Mountain area and Irrigation Project) of Dujiangyan City.

It’s incredible that this river is controlled and can no longer cause floods

Does Li Bing wake up one morning and told his son what if we control that river and stop floods? And his son said, fantastic idea, let’s do it. How anyone gets such ideas, it’s really amazing.

Here is a bridge called the Anlan Cable Bridge crossing the Minjiang River above Yuzui.

The construction of the bridge originally commenced before the Song Dynasty (960-1279). At that time, the bridge was constructed with wooden blocks and the handrails were made of bamboo. Recently the wood and bamboo were replaced with steel and reinforced concrete to ensure the security of the visitors.

The Anlan Cable Bridge

Yulei Mountain Temples.

If you visited here, then better be ready walk few hour stairs up and down, all these temples are built side of the mountain

I love these roofs, they make temples look wonderful and magical.

This tree trunk (diameter of 3.6 meters) was discovered in Puxian village early 1977. According to lab test, a tree was buried in Yin Shang Dynasty era, about 3410 years ago. It is oldest tree trunk discovered in China.

Oldest tree trunk until someone accidentally ignites on fire

The Goddess Holy Mother was made of Yin Qi, also called Lady Mystery, she was a teacher of the Supreme being.

Lady mystery, is this same as Mona Lisa for us? Both are mysterious.

Here you find a big, small and all kinds of temples, something for everyone.

If you do not care about temples and praying, still this is a beautiful area to walk and wonder how much effort has been seen that these all beautiful temples have been able to build here.

Erwang Temple was built to commemorate Li Bing (the chief designer and engineer of the Dujiangyan Irrigation System) and his legendary son.
In the Grand Hall, you can see the vivid statues of Li and his son, who are worshipped by the local people every day. 

Think if after death someone builds a temple for you and people worship you every day

When we are walking away, you will see what they have used first to embankment the river.

If you’re tired of a lot of walking, you can stop at Tianfuyuan Teahouse.

Tianfuyuan Teahouse is somewhere here.

Time to leave and here is the gate in and out. These Chinese have built up spectacular buildings, nowadays they only build houses from concrete.

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