I started Kung Fu Training

The first week in Kung Fu Family. The hand salute is the most basic Kung Fu etiquette that any trainee must understand before they begin the training. It is a form of respect that we show when entering or leaving your place where we training, it is used to greet your master and or other trainees.
The right fist is covered with the left hand to show that you are using martial arts to make friends. The left-hand thumb is bent to show that you are humble and four fingers together straight, show four directions.

How does it feel to learn Kung Fu in this heat (34+)?

  • Sometimes it feels that not being able to breathe and it is difficult to focus on.
  • It is astonishing that how much I can sweat, it feels like sweating more than I can drink water.
  • It’s annoying when you know you’re doing wrong moves or forgetting them constantly and young ones learn them so quickly.
  • After a week, all the muscles ache a little and does not matter how much you do stretching exercises.
  • But I have to be glad to be able to stay in the training rhythm, so I think I’m in good shape.
If you think that Kung Fu looks like at dancing and not a practical for self-defense, then you are mistaken.

Kung Fu forms are combined with many movements in the longer series and these individual movements act in practice for self-defense.

Kung Fu series (forms) are designed to get the trainee moving and accustomed to throwing punches and kicks in a series along with footwork. Also, it will help develop strength and flexibility enhancing the trainee’s physical condition.

Sometimes we get guests here to watch our training and some guest even participate for a few days.

This young lady has been a long time in here and looks what she has learned Meihua Quan (Chinese: 梅花拳; literally “Plum-blossom Fist”.

Teaching has been interesting and well explained how different movements work in self-defense.

These young ones learn so quickly in a few days and I struggle to remember all these movements, but I believe that someday I get this right.

One day, Master Li took me to a restaurant to eat with his friends.
First pork, beans, rabbit heads and then more food and after these dumplings. All this for four people, amazing how much they can eat, I can’t eat so much.

Rabbit heads too little meat but tastes good.

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