Fuli Artist Town

I drove by bicycle from Hostel 5 km and then Yangshuo town 8 km highway to Fuli town to find old part of town near the Li River.
No one wants to be outside in this heat 32+

Particularly known as the artist town of the area with its typical colorful fans and scroll paintings.
I visited many different artist shops, but I liked Peng’s family Fan and Painting shop.

Peng’s family, Everyone in this family make their own way of art.

After bought scroll paintings I went over the river by ferry (10 RMB) to Dutou village and from there a beautiful country road back to the town.

Down there is ferry over the river
What a country road, not so much traffic
Sunny day 32 degrees, nice weather for a bike ride

Also, I met friendly water buffaloes.

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