Hike to Mount Hua


The 2,154-meter-tall Hua 华山 mountain. The biggest danger to safety is often too many tourists in the summer months climb these stairs. 
First, to see East Peak (Facing Sun Peak), elevation reported 2096 m.
Mount Hua

In Hostel I met another traveller, Marek from Estonia. We have the same idea to do night hike to East peak to see a sunrise.

We start to hike up at midnight and many thousand steps later we arrived to see a sunrise. Path all the way up to the mountain is illuminated, but if lights go, then better be a flashlight with you.

Here path start
The ticket office is open 24/7.

We see many people rush up fast and later they sit on the path and look exhausted. They don’t know that when you hike up to the mountain you not rush.

Not yet many hikers, but we will see more them later.
Still, many thousand steps to go
Many like to tie up here red ribbons and lock the locks many reasons, e.g. wishing happiness, health or eternal love.
There are nice places to stop a moment
When you look back, you wonder how many of these are still left.
Some stairs are broken and you have to watch your steps
The original steps before this tourist path
Well illuminated mountain paths
Close by East peak

A picture does not tell that how amazing is to see and feel this when you have done so much effort to get here on time.

This is a reason why we hike 5.5 hours.

The legend goes that on March 3rd of the Lunar Calendar a torrential flood destroyed the villages within the Mt. Huashan area.
 This disaster was caused by the Queen Mother of the West, who held her Flat Peach Carnival celebration that year. She carelessly spilt a little jade wine down from paradise, causing a serious flood below.
 This news was quickly reported by Deity Shaohao to the Jade Emperor in Celestial Paradise. He gave a prompt order to Deity Juling to go down to tame the flood. 
When Deity Juling, full of vigor and vitality, descended from the clouds, he arrived at the precipitous cliff of East Peak. At the moment that he laid his left hand on one side and his right leg on the other, he ripped the mountain into two halves and immediately a flood rushed out. This tale adds fame to East Peak.

Next stop is to see The chess pavilion, from the top of the East Peak.

Pictures do not tell that how amazing is to see these mountains, a camera just can’t capture these views right.

Then we see enough amazing mountain views and it is time walk back down.
We want to see where we came from the night, but later we start to think that should take a cable car because day start to come hotter and it is very heavy to do so much on one day.

The whole journey takes from us to complete 16 hours.

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When you come near (like me) or over 50 years, remember that age is just numbers, be brave and go on an adventure! I still looking for new adventures and purpose of the life, even though to be a Father of 4 and Grandfather of 2 children’s is already a lifelong adventure.

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  1. Herran jestas!!!! Mitkä portaat ja vaellukset!!!!!!!!! Ihan hullua!

    Mut mahtavaa että sait matkaseuraa ja mikä upea idea mennä yöllä, turvallisempaa siltä osin, että ei oo niin paljoa ihmisiä. Aivan älyttömän upea idea mennä katsomaan auringon nousu vuorille!!!!! 🙂 Ihan kateeks käy!!!!!

    Ja tiiän, että ei noita maisemia voi ees sanoin kuvailla, saati mitenkään kameraan tallentaa sitä mitä on silmin nähty ja koettu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAU!!!!!!!! Mahtava reissu ja kokemus oli varmasti täääää!!!!! 😀

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