Chengdu – People’s Park

A first public place named “Park” in China. In 1911, Yu Kun, Garrison General of Chengdu opened up commercial land in the south of Shaocheng to serve tea and meals, put on plays, tell stories, play Kung Fu and Archery, exhibit and gathering, named Public Park that called Shaocheng Park, it is the first public place named “Park” in China. It was renamed People’s Park in 1950.
What can you do in People park? Of course, you meet people and drink tea!

What can you do in People park? Of course, you meet people and drink tea!
Here everyone can find their own place where to show e.g. own dance art, Tai Chi, play games, and have fun with your family.

A really big park with lots to see

Chinese people love the revolution where people make change what they feel is wrong.

Railway Revolution Monument…
Here is some railway revolution going on
If you fancy a restful place, it too can be found easily

If you come with children (s), they will want to come park when you tell that there is also an amusement park!

Leave the kids here…, go relax and drink tea one of the many tea houses

There are many walkways, stairs and also, a nice little lake where you can row a boat.

This park is really many wars- and natural monuments.

Ready to war, this stand in another gate in the park
Goodbye to the family! Do you see they carry also a sword

Time to sit for a moment after a few hours walking. Also, I have watched many people dancing, perform Tai Chi and I’ve been drinking a lot of tea.

Yang style Tai Chi: Yang Chengfu also developed his own shortened version of the Yang Long Form in order to have it easier to teach to modern students who are busy with modern life. Despite being shortened, Yang Chengfu managed to keep the essentials of the Yang Long Form. Correctly taught and practiced, the 108-movement form still retains much of its health and self-defense benefits (the original comprises over 300 movements).

Without weapons
With Swords

Yang style Tai Chi With swords.

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