Kung Fu – Our Weapons in Fight

Our Weapons in Fight. Make your hands and legs tougher, they are our weapons in a fight.

Iron circles, Wooden men, Stone dumbbells, Heavy sandbags and Ba Gua poles.

Master Li Quan show how to move and make a lower kick.
If your legs are strong, then you can go down quickly if your opponent tries to kick you in the head and when you go down, same time you can kick his other leg.
Also, when an opponent is attacking the upper part of you, then you have to attack the lower part!

Ba Gua poles improve balance, full body coordination, and flexibility.
Also, helps make legs stronger, because you need to be la ower position to get better balance and standing at the tip of your foot.
The first time we tried these and not easy to keep your balance, need to practice more. When you reach outstanding balance, then in any situation you will be able to keep your balance.

Kung Fu – Elbow and Leg Power

Training is Training and Fighting is Fighting! The fourth week of Kung Fu family and I have learned that traditional Kung Fu moves can be combined with a free fight. That's a way you get the best practical skills for self-defense or fight.

This training purpose is to increase your leg power and get your hips to move smoothly.

First, make movements in a higher stand position, then learn to do movements correctly in the lowest possible standing position.
When defending or attacking, your standing position is higher and this training makes you fast and strong. That’s way fights will be short and simple.

This training purpose is increasing your Elbow power.
The elbow needs to be more durable, so do it by hitting boxing sack, trees, and any hard surface. Then you train that you hit the elbow, not part of the hand.

To be able to use your elbow in a fight, you must able to be so close to your opponent that you hear her breathe.


Here, the school looks more like the army, children’s march carrying a flag and wear a uniform. They come to visit and try Kung Fu and we all teach them.

Here, students in schools are marching everywhere, and they are told what to do, so they are not individuals and can not freely be creative.
European children’s are so lucky, they are able to grow more freely and learn what they want.

Chengdu – Panda Base

Sunday was a free day from Kung Fu training and Pandas are 7.5 km from my home, I decided to walk to there in the morning.
Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding

Best time to visit is early in the morning (7.30 am) because 10 am arrive too many tourist groups.

Nice and quiet in the morning, but it doesn’t take long to hear noisy tourists
It’s really common to see that nobody cares about these signs that tell you not walk here!

There comes a celebrity.

Tough to be a celebrity, same thing every morning
This Panda looks like it is thinking, “again those monkeys stare at me, If I do not look at them, maybe they will go away”.
That’s how relaxed part Panda can enjoy a breakfast

Giant pandas are loners and here they are forced to be with other Pandas.

Giant pandas are loners and here they are forced to be with other Pandas
This one way how to sleep
Panda bear baby

Another Panda’s here are Red Panda’s, they are smaller and living areas look better what big Pandas have. They can really hide from people if they want to, a few times I am not able to see them at all.

Do you see the Red Panda?

These seem to be curious to look at us or maybe they just wait for food
They have a good balance to able stand like this
Pandas feeding time and right away one Panda stands up to ask for food.
Newborn cubs do not have a stripe on their face or tail. 15-20 days, stripes begin to appear. They can live 10 years in captivity.

They say this is not a Zoo, that this is Panda research center and goal are save Panda bears. I still see it that looks like a Zoo!

When you visit here and read more about this save the Pandas, then you start to wonder if the main goal is to make money using Panda bears and only a fraction of money goes to save Pandas.

Panda cubs are routinely returned to China when they turn 2 years old. Every time China has sent a panda to a foreign zoo in the past 10+ years, they have required an agreement that China owns the panda and its offspring.
Giant pandas are loners. They dislike being around other pandas so much that they have a heightened sense of smell that lets them know when another panda is nearby so it can be avoided, according to the National Geographic.

  • Over 3.5 million visitors per year, that’s a lot of noisy tourist groups.
  • Pandas do not have a lot of places where they can be in peace if they want.
  • I expected Pandas living area to be much bigger!
  • All Panda’s need to returned to China when they turn 2 years old!
    How can this be right? If the Pandas living environment is great in the Zoo and they are accustomed or even born there, then why they are forced back to China, where they will have a different living environment!
  • Pandas are loners and here they are forced to live with other Pandas!
  • Another Panda Base is 70 km away, where you can even pay that they bring Panda to sit on a chair next to you and you get pictures with Panda!

I don’t like it! Should not bring animals for shooting pictures with anyone! What people think these days, that animals are just decorations to use on social media to show off that you have been with them.

What do you think? Save Panda’s first or is this plan make money using Pandas and then maybe save them because if you keep those Pandas in zoos all over the world, then more people can see them easily and that way can get even more donation to save Pandas.

Here is also a swan lake without the swans

Chengdu – People’s Park

A first public place named “Park” in China. In 1911, Yu Kun, Garrison General of Chengdu opened up commercial land in the south of Shaocheng to serve tea and meals, put on plays, tell stories, play Kung Fu and Archery, exhibit and gathering, named Public Park that called Shaocheng Park, it is the first public place named “Park” in China. It was renamed People’s Park in 1950.
What can you do in People park? Of course, you meet people and drink tea!

What can you do in People park? Of course, you meet people and drink tea!
Here everyone can find their own place where to show e.g. own dance art, Tai Chi, play games, and have fun with your family.

A really big park with lots to see

Chinese people love the revolution where people make change what they feel is wrong.

Railway Revolution Monument…
Here is some railway revolution going on
If you fancy a restful place, it too can be found easily

If you come with children (s), they will want to come park when you tell that there is also an amusement park!

Leave the kids here…, go relax and drink tea one of the many tea houses

There are many walkways, stairs and also, a nice little lake where you can row a boat.

This park is really many wars- and natural monuments.

Ready to war, this stand in another gate in the park
Goodbye to the family! Do you see they carry also a sword

Time to sit for a moment after a few hours walking. Also, I have watched many people dancing, perform Tai Chi and I’ve been drinking a lot of tea.

Yang style Tai Chi: Yang Chengfu also developed his own shortened version of the Yang Long Form in order to have it easier to teach to modern students who are busy with modern life. Despite being shortened, Yang Chengfu managed to keep the essentials of the Yang Long Form. Correctly taught and practiced, the 108-movement form still retains much of its health and self-defense benefits (the original comprises over 300 movements).

Without weapons
With Swords

Yang style Tai Chi With swords.

We teach Kung Fu to kids

We taught few hours middle school students Kung Fu and English.
First, taught courtesy of Kung Fu

They had to introduce themselves in English (not easy) and after training, we teach more English.

Here they learning in a group.

Also, they get an individual teaching.

Pavlos is very good to teach kids

Time for a group picture and we have been a wonderful time with these kids.

Is time to say goodbye and we hope that they want to come back to learn more.

Chengdu – Du Fu’s Cottage

The first time we have a free day (Monday) and although we should take it easy and do nothing or maybe just meditate. I went to see the old part of the city and Du Fu Cottage, Huan Huaxi Park and Kuanxiangzi Alley.

Good Morning Chengdu. Autumn has started with a storm, now is only +25 in the morning and the afternoon +30Du Fu was a very famous poet (Tang Dynasty 618-907) whose glory enlightens all the ages. Du Fu’s Cottage, his former residence during his stay in Chengdu, has become a shrine to Chinese literature. His patriotic thoughts and lofty sentiments have inspired and encouraged later generations with motivation and cohesion.

Here he is in front of the Hall of Odes.

Name of “Hall of Odes” originates from Major Odes of Songs. In this hall, are displayed 12 statues of ancient poets.

This poet looks at me and asks me in, and says that they are waiting for someone to read their poems
One looks like he tries to fly and another looks like it would be inside a tree
Must be difficult to read this, even for Chinese

This painting is a chain of pictures Du Fu’s most representative poems, which illustrate the sage poet’s living and creation experience.
Think about making such a painting of your life what it would look like? Should we make our life more interesting, then there would be more stories to tell about our lives!

Du Fu’s Adventure

Here you will find tea cafes, shops that sell a variety of art and all kind of tourist junk.

Here you can try the Chinese writing, I tried, not easy

Here are many small parks, but this is beautiful with many different bonsai trees.

Here it is Du Fu’s home where he also, make the song “Autumn Wind Tearing my Cottage”.

Du Fu’s home looks homely and lovely. Here he was listening to the autumn storms and make poems and songs
Study, office room
Living room with bamboo couch-bed
The kitchen is quite ascetic, but you can cook food and maybe it warms also cottage
The view from the cottage yard is really beautiful

Chengdu – Huan Huaxi Park

Next to the Dufu Cottage is Huan Huaxi Park that combines the modern design of garden and architecture with a deep historical culture of west Sichuan. Also, it is the biggest park in Chengdu.
The Source – symbol of the period of ChunQiu to emphasize that Chinese poem originates from this period. Such an oval-shaped Tripod is the first one in Chinese history.
This poet looks like Gandalf wizard from “The Lord of the Rings” story
They seemed to have fun or competition whose poem is better
A small bamboo forest is a nice place to rest if it is a hot sunny day
Weird tourist and grumpy looking poet
A great looking statue, that can inspire you to write poems
The fishes are accustomed to being fed constantly, so they will immediately shout “give us food!
More grumpy looking poets
In the park, visitors will often see Cosplay characters taking pictures

More fun in Kung Fu Family

Second Week in Kung Fu Family.
Peaceful Pond

This sleepy looking wall painting is above “Peaceful Pond”.

Here you can feel similar after you’ve been training Kung Fu in this heat. You can’t think clearly because you’re so exhausted that you just want to eat and sleep.

A moment to stop at the stairs to listen to the sounds of nature

I start to remember the first Kung Fu form and now I need to get it better. Also, I have learned a lot about how different movements work in self-defense, and how important it is to breathe correctly.

Master Li’s previous student Pavlos Raphael came to visit for a month and here he shows us Wing Chun Sticky hands technique.

On Saturday, we went to the restaurant to eat and then to sing at a karaoke bar and home we arrive at 1 am. Next day the training was really tough.

Training continuous, but is not easy after yesterday drinking and singing.

You have to able to kick so fast that camera does not see your foot
Meditation helps to focus better on training

Here are a few kids learning Kung Fu. They training with us, and sometimes they have their own training.

The funniest thing this week was when we had visitors to the Kung Fu family. One woman took pictures of me and Master Li, later we find out that she was a reporter for Chinese Tourist news magazine and used pictures of her story about the Kung Fu teaching.

Mulan Heroine

Here is a small village named Mulan. They have a similar female heroine like Disney's movie Mulan.
Mulan Heroine

She also pretends to be a boy and participate in wars. When she bravely fought in the wars for his country, she returned to the village and married.

The villagers appreciate her achievements so much that they built the temple area and statue for her, to remember her braveness.

Temple Area in Mulan Village

When you step through the gate, they try to frighten you out.

Only can wonder why they have appreciated her so much that they have wanted to do all this.

There are actually many small rooms, that telling the story of this “Mulan”. Then you can choose which reflects your life to pray for the same success in life as your chosen story. Here is few of them.

Many wall paintings also tell stories and it would be great if there was someone who could tell us these stories in English.

Here you will also find many different Buddha statues.

I’m not sure what this is.

Here you can hang hopes and hope that they will come true.