Cushbawn Mountain

Walk around Cushbawn Mountain.

This 1.5-2 hour walk brings you right through Macreddin Woods to the very top of Cushbawn Mountain and offers absolutely stunning views over three counties.
It requires a reasonable level of fitness, but although some of the slopes are quite severe, no actual climbing is required, only walking! Please ensure you bring water and your mobile phone with you.

There are free parking places at the BrookLodge Hotel if you are not staying at the hotel.

Walk and pass by Acton’s pub and go over the road into the golf course car park where you see a red gate (says private property).

Golf course car park.
Walk at the through the red (rusty) gate (sign says “Private property”, don’t see it 😉

After a short walk in the forest path, you will come to a golf course, be very careful of golfers and golf balls.

At the end of this golf course, continue straight onto the next golf course.

At the end of this golf fairway, continue straight onto the next golf fairway and cross it, again being careful of golfers and golf balls.

This path curving right and lead you to the 2nd golf fairway and then you cross it and continue up forest path that you will see.
When I walked here, there was a fallen tree on the path, but you can walk around it or carefully go under the tree.

You have now come to Macreddin Woods (there is not so much forest left), and this is where the walk really starts.

There is not so much forest left, but it is still worthwhile to walk to the top of the mountain to see a great view!

Follow the main path you are on, up you go about 5 or 10 minutes until you come to a large circular clearing (crossroad).

Before you continue straight across this clearing you can stop a moment and look around you to see a view like this.

The road downhill runs in the direction of Aughrim town and upwards to the other side of the mountain where we come back later.

Straight across from that clearing you follow the narrow path a few minutes and you meet a T junction. Take the right-hand path which starts downhill and then it is basically easy to walk about 5-10 minutes until you see crossroad that is U shaped.

An easy path to walk.
Sometimes you see the wonders of nature when you wander.
You may have to find a way to hop around a few big puddles, but it’s part of the fun adventure.

When you come to U shaped crossroad you follow the left road to uphill. To the top is around a half-hour or more, depending on how often you pause and admire views.

You see again crossroad, go left (uphill) and this leads the top of the mountain.

On the right side of the road, you can see the old looking forest where you can wander a moment if you like wandering in the forest!

Go straight up (arrow in the picture) where you can stop again to see amazing views.

The climb is partly steep and is not an easy route. You should take your time and occasionally sit and enjoy the view behind you.
Time to time look behind you to see amazing views.

Then continue to the higher, where you will be amazed at how far you can see and how high you are.

The arrow shows where is the highest point. Halfway on this road, you can see path left that leads to the forest where you can also wander a moment if you like wandering in the forest like me.

You’ll know you’re at the top when the trees have receded on either side and it’s obvious that the path ahead of you starts to decline.
Stand up on the rocks and, if weather permitted, marvel at the 360-degree view of nothing but valleys, mountains and beautiful scenery all the shades of green that you experience in Ireland.

You can walk down the same road back where you came from or continue another route back.

Now the descent: Pictures coming soon!
Continue another thirty or so paces along the same path, and you will find 2 small rocky pathways on your left side, take 2nd one. Follow this path downhill (it turns soon less rocky) for about 5-10 minutes ignoring all lesser paths off it. The path leads you into the forest. You will come to a clearing with some off-road driving tracks but stay left and shortly you will come to a sort of T junction with a number of options. In front of you should be a field, and you want to take the option that has the field on your right side and the woods on your left side. Follow this downhill; taking care as it’s quite steep in parts until after approximately 5-10 minutes you come to a fork in the path. Take the more travelled left fork, back in the woods and continue along this flat path for about 5-10 minutes until you reach the same large circular clearing that you were in earlier. Take the right-hand path that is the same where you come up here and you should see the golf field that you can cross again and return to a hotel parking place.