Terracotta Army

The Terracotta Army (Chinese: 兵马俑; literally: "Soldier-and-horse funerary statues") is a collection of terracotta sculptures depicting the armies of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China.

They said that this is one of the seven wonders of China. I am not sure how wonder this really is, a lot of sand and some soldiers are put on display.

Tricky to find a right local bus, because so many fake tourist buses that take you there, but stop many places and encouraged to waste your money.

I looked bigger buses full of Chinese and find 914 where girl shouting something in the door when a bus is on the move. I run and jump on the bus and they continue in the same way to pick up more passengers.
This only cost me about 1.20€ (8 yuan) and I get my self right on the Terracotta army entrance, not in the tourist shopping area, where tourist buses drop you.

Here it is, pit 2 and 3, they are more sand and only pictures and few soldiers on display are interesting. Pit 1 can see more what you come here to look.

Entrance and behind it is a nice park to walk around on a sunny day.



Pit 2 is more sand, not so much to see, but terracotta soldiers on display are fantastic.

Pit 3 is really small.

Pit 1 can see more what you come here to look.

Photographs of some faces, are they different, as they say?

Meal for 1.50€

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  1. Ihanan näköne sää siel on ainaki! 🙂

    Ja vähän erilainen museo ku missä ollaan ennen käyty! 😀

    Toivottavasti sä saat kaikki mun kommentit perille ja luettua? 🙂 <3

    Meinaan käydä täälä säännöllisesti kattelee tätä Blogii ja kirjottelee, ni tulee ees vähä sellane olo, et on yhteydessä suhun! <3


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