The Chess Pavilion

The chess pavilion, from the top of the east peak.
The Chess Pavilion
Here we go down
To see more mountain views
To see this Chess Pavilion
Up there I came from

Here you will notice that Chinese are staring at you when you are foreign. Also, they ask often if they can take a photo with me and it is fun to think that they have now pictures of me with them, which they can show others and say “look at me with a foreigner”.

Even these people want to take pictures with me standing with a small cliff edge with them.


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When you come near (like me) or over 50 years, remember that age is just numbers, be brave and go on an adventure! I still looking for new adventures and purpose of the life, even though to be a Father of 4 and Grandfather of 2 children’s is already a lifelong adventure.

One thought on “The Chess Pavilion”

  1. Magee toi Chess Pavilion. 😀

    Ja hassun hauskaa että tahdotaan ottaa kuva sun kanssa! 😀 Hahahhahaa!! Kummalisen näköne hullu Suomalainen Kiinassa! 😀 Nähtävyys olet! 😀 <3

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