Tongguan Scenic Areas

Tongguan Ancient City 潼关古城 and Tongguan Yellow River Scenic Area 潼关黄河风景区
Ming Tongguan city ruins, from the beginning to the Tang Dynasty, two by the migration, three fortifications, the city changing, and facilities are different. 明潼关城遗址,从始建至唐代,两经迁徙,三地设防,城池多变,设施不
This is what I looking for to see it

I decided to go to the countryside to see the sights that I found on the Chinese website, though I’m not sure if they translated right.

Bananas, apples, biscuits from a local grocery store, then ready for adventure.
Grocery store from inside

First, I travel with two different buses. I walk the main road a half kilometre, but no bus stop. Next, I see a bus coming and I raise up my hand and they take me, even I am not sure where they go, I only know that I go the right direction.

Second Bus
Bus from inside
Bus from inside
House in the countryside
House in the countryside
Houses in the countryside
I see on the road many of these road barriers where bus barely fit through
Here they love to put these kinds of gates everywhere
Bus drop me off here what looks more like a construction site
Tongguan Ancient City?
Does not look like Tongguan Ancient City
Yes, it is. This will become a future tourist destination with nice stories and this proves very well that what they said to be ancient in China does not necessarily be that.
Here friendly police drove me on a scooter to see other people (I think future tourist information office)
These women want to take a picture where they stand next to me, so I do the same request and asked to get pictures where I am with them.

They told that I am the first tourist in here, but I have to understand that nothing yet ready and better if I go to see yellow river area, is a few kilometres walk.

When I walk down the hill, I hear talk and see a picture of food.
Nice place to eat and after that continue walking this hot sunny day.
Hot tea and noodles

Tongguan Yellow River Scenic Area should be real and there I go next.

Children’s and dogs play area, I try to go see what is behind that.
I am not sure what it is
Someday translate this and maybe we know more
Finally, I arrived yellow river view area, this is so huge that can’t catch very well in the camera

River cruiser
On the way back mountain Hua, I saw a local entrepreneur, whom I gave 2 Yuan that I can take a picture.

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