Kung Fu – Our Weapons in Fight

Our Weapons in Fight. Make your hands and legs tougher, they are our weapons in a fight.

Iron circles, Wooden men, Stone dumbbells, Heavy sandbags and Ba Gua poles.

Master Li Quan show how to move and make a lower kick.
If your legs are strong, then you can go down quickly if your opponent tries to kick you in the head and when you go down, same time you can kick his other leg.
Also, when an opponent is attacking the upper part of you, then you have to attack the lower part!

Ba Gua poles improve balance, full body coordination, and flexibility.
Also, helps make legs stronger, because you need to be la ower position to get better balance and standing at the tip of your foot.
The first time we tried these and not easy to keep your balance, need to practice more. When you reach outstanding balance, then in any situation you will be able to keep your balance.

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